History of company

History of company

History of company

JSC "Red Mozyryanin" is one of the oldest enterprises of the food industry in Belarus.

History of the factory started in 1913, founded its local landowner Horvat. A rich landowner built a factory for processing of fruits and vegetables of their estates, using cheap labor and raw materials in the future it becomes a candy factory. Artisanal company gave the landlord a good profit. The civil war and the war with the White Poles led to the complete destruction of the enterprise. It is not possible to restore the factory until 1925. In 1925 the party organization Mozyr took patronage over the factory. It was prepared and found to have repaired the simplest equipment shops. In honor of the friendly assistance Mozyr factory workers given the name "RED Mozyryanin". In the same year, the company has given the young Soviet country's first products: chocolates, toffee, jam, jam, candy, jellies, marshmallows.

In 1927 the factory was classified as "Belkonditertrestu" and became an independent enterprise.

In 1930, the factory has already been partially mechanized, and the unit "vacuum" was purchased to improve the quality of chocolates.

The destructive power of the Second World War brought about changes in the life of confectionery companies. The factory (a significant part of the equipment) had been evacuated in central Russia. In addition, the factory has been taken out of the finished product to the capital of neighboring Ukraine, in Kiev.

Restoring the factory had to start from scratch.

Damage to the factory during the Second World War, was great, but the people again breathed life into the enterprise. It was purchased new equipment, technical re-started. Again rhythmic beat, the heart has earned the company.

In 1985, the overdue question of expansion of production capacity of the factory. It was planned that the expansion of the factory will be made through the construction of a new building with the old part. construction of a new body, a new imported equipment was launched in 1986.

In December 1987, the act of acceptance of the new building was signed, and in 1991 "Red Mozyryanin" again issued a familiar and beloved by all sweet tooth products.

In 1996, the factory is transformed into an open joint stock company.

In 2001-2003. partial modernization was carried out. Built and commissioned site boiler capacity of 6.5 tons of steam per hour, set the low-temperature storage chamber butter and milk, as well as installed and reconstruction of technological equipment: a weakling conveyor; two glazing lines, horizontal packing machine «flow-pack", three production lines are equipped with cooling units.

In the period 2004-2005. concern "Belgospischeprom" were identified innovation fund of funds aimed at the acquisition and commissioning of the new equipment:

two confectionery complexes "Smart-mix" for the production of two-colored marshmallow;
horizontal packaging machine;
the decorating device;
Equipment for the production of corrugated packaging.
Despite all the difficulties, it has been 100 years of know and love our products, made from environmentally friendly and natural raw materials of high quality that comes from the countries of near and far abroad. Today it is hard to imagine food market without trademark of OJSC "Red Mozyryanin".

The company produces more than 4 million tons of confectionery a year, constantly increasing production volume and expanded product range, introduced new equipment and technologies being developed.

One of the priorities in the development of the company is to expand the sales market, the opening of new areas and paving the road to success. JSC "Red Mozyryanin" is today the only one in the Republic of Belarus pastes manufacturer, two-colored marshmallows and marshmallow filling. A kind of calling card companies have long been candy "Cow", glazed marshmallow on a stick "Mysterious" multilayer marmalades "Raznakalyarovy", "Spakusa", "Carousel" jelly marmalade "Jolly".

Company's products are known and loved both in Belarus and abroad

High quality of products of JSC "Red Mozyryanin" repeatedly confirmed gold and silver medals of prestigious Russian and international exhibitions.

At present JSC "Red Mozyryanin" considering options for further modernization and improvement of technological processes.




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